:: tagging High 5

hola…just found it at someone’s blog..i just sleep reader to that blog…current mood is lazy to everything..so i post this tag here….enjoy read it.. 😛

5 things found in my bag (lima saja? alaa)

i. purse

ii. handphones (kira 1 la ek wpun ade 2..ngee)

iii. vicks

iv. lipsticks ( ade dua gak.ahaks!)

v. pen

5 things found in my wallet

(my money fly with their wing..huhuhu)

i. money la..of course

ii. ic..(i dont want peoples thought me bollywood artist…i’m not public figure ok..haha)

iii. driving license

iv. utm’s matric card ( even pak guard pernah ask me to change y baru..pak guard igt sy student lagik..haha)

v. my passport pic (different generation :P)

5 favourite things in my room (bukan bilik sy yg sebenar..huk3)

i. sal’s wedding photo ( tggu masa will change with mine..hahaha)

ii. tv (my pembobok right now)

iii. iron board+ iron (no specific space for them…every morning will change their location..ngee)

iv. hanging rack for towel and telekung

v. desk for desktop and desktop also

5 things I’ve always wanted to do

i. performing haji..umrah la at least..

ii. travelling…backpacker (sorg2 x mo la..takut…berdua kan lebih baik 🙂 )

iii. further study at oversea (as usual..i love japan)

iv. diet..(kejap on keja off…adeh…out off coverage la mcm ni)

v. of course la….


marry had a little lamb..little lamb..little lamb..haha

5 things I’m currently into

haha..do not missunderstanding..i’m just showing what girl’s stuffs

i. searching new job ( because i don’t want have tittle unemployed..)

ii. my black sweetheart..i love him so much (but i am egoist because not appear my love to him..sorry syg..haha)

iii. singing as loud as i can while driving..haha

iv. watching my mom’s favorite tv series and reality tv (what can i do if i don’t have power to control the remote)

v. hangout with the slissian…(bila la nk mkn steamboat ni..aish)

5 people to tag

haha….sape2 nak tag…tag la by yourself ok…

me and shahidar arpat…..


saya sayang semuaorang yang sayang saya =)


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