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:: if i were….

1. If I were a planet, I would be: Pluto; far2 away from others

2. If I were a month, I would be: January; new life begin every new year

3. If I were a day of the week, I would be: Friday; because tomorrow is  Saturday!!

4. If I were a time of day, I would be: 5.00 pm..near to end of office hour

5. If I were a sea animal, I would be: Crab; i love to pinch u!

6. If I were a direction, I would be: straight; no need to look right or left

7. If I were a piece of furniture, I would be: mirror; i’ll show the truth

8. If I were a sin, I would be: mm…no idea to answer it..but if i were a sin now, i’ll talk to myself, how idiot i am cause do all of this

9. If I were a historical figure, I would be: Cleopatra; beautiful, intelligent, and passionately devoted..hahaha

10. If I were a liquid, I would be: sulfuric acid; don’t try and test me coz u’ll get a reaction

11. If I were a stone, I would be: batu belah batu bertangkup; myth, legend and history

12. If I were a tree, I would be: Samanea saman; strong and mighty. can living hundred years

13. If I were a bird, I would be: ape ntah nama burung hijrah tu; i want fly again

14. If I were a tool, I would be: just pen; i want finishing my ink to write about my life

15. If I were a flower/plant, I would be: rose; again..don’t try and test me coz u’ll get a reaction

16. If I were a kind of weather, I would be: cloudy; not too hot, not too cold

18. If I were an animal, I would be: lion; everybody will scared with me

19. If I were a color or shade, I would be: A sort of light shade of green, at the moment; give refresh

20. If I were an emotion, I would be: boredom; i want new life right now!

21. If I were a vegetable, I would be: Broccoli; delicious and expensive compare to other

22. If I were a sound, I would be: zickr; peace

23. If I were an element, I would be: Not at all knowledgable about myself

24. If I were a car, I would be: ambulance..may i?? ; everybody will give me space on road

25. If I were a song, I would be: I want to spend my lifetime loving you; i’ll make it true if i have partner soon

26. If I were a movie, I would be directed by: Paul Scheuring ; i love his idea to make the plot more suspense

27. If I were a book, I would be written by: John Gray; i love what his thinking about man+woman+relationship

28. If I were a food, I would be: nasi lemak; u go everywhere in this world and at last u still love to eat this meal =)

29. If I were a place, I would be: Mecca ; all muslims try to reach there

30. If I were a material, I would be: platinum; hard to get..

31. If I were a taste, I would be: Fruity; =)

32. If I were a scent, I would be: baby; most people love this scent right?

33. If I were a word, I would be: ok! ; just simple

34. If I were a body part, I would be: heart; body’s systems dependent with me

35. If I were a facial expression, I would be: excited; hik3.. 😛

36. If I were a subject in school, I would be: History; a lot of story i want to share

37. If I were a cartoon character, I would be: sailormoon ; beautiful and sexy!!

38. If I were a shape, I would be: A squiggle; something unrecognisable


:: no specific entry

ok2..lets begin with this photo

mr.patrick!!! yammeh!!!

erk…nape sy letak gmbr en.patrick ni kt cni?? hee..kesan2 x de idea nk wat intro entry..mcm ni la jd nye 😛 teringat lak. on my 23rd birthday, i got this encik. ‘someone’ gave to me. sgttt sukenyeeeeeeee….tp maaf la ‘someone’..igt x kta gado tahun 2008..anda jeling sy..n sy pun ape lg..

‘menjeling2 ku bertentang…mata kta sama memandang’..

mmg ade terasa nk korek mata anda je waktu tu.. then waktu tu pikah ade dtg umah sewa sy..dia nmpk encik patrick ni..then hendaklah penuh perasaan ke’acika’an, sy pun bg la dkt dia..mmg rs syg gak nk bg tp disebabkan teringat jelinga mata anda y mcm ntah ape2 tu..ah! amek la pikah! nnt acik beli tamat la riwayat encik patrick dgn sy.

n skrg kta pun dh together2 balik kan ‘someone’ nk request leh x? on my 26th…sy nk y lg besarrr…hr tu kecik jerk..muat bubuh dlm beg n bwk blk naik trans 😛

ok..close story about encik patrick sy…

before merepek lg panjang..lets continue with one of my bff : dn

namo sedih2..x cantik…org2 mcm kta ni kena jg kecantikan..igt tu…ngeee

ha…senyum sokmo ek mek deknor..tgk zooweyy mama tu…happy jerk wpun perut tgh memboyot.. story..

weekend hr tu. g mines.main bowling. ngan geng2 ayah pikah. sy plak ape lg..pggl my chronie ..

mereka2 ni; apat n ckin

bila lg nk main bowling percuma kan? belasah je la kan wpun kena main pkai baju kurung..kan aunty apat?

artis pada hr itu adalah anak dara kecik ni..sgt suka bergambar and mcm2 express muka dia bg. x leh la sy nk upload semua. ni sy pick jerk ape y ade..

ini la budaknye….peminat no 1 ayah!! ayahh!! ayahh!!

then activity wajib for us..captured our faces by ourselves..haha

as usual…possing y lebih..main mcm haremmm…nasib la zul n shah dtg backup. si ayah pun boleh la…mm..lupe lak nk ckp..mereka dtg dgn psgn sorg2 mcm loser je its ok kan dh biasa sorg2..nnt pun sy hidup sorg gak..

nasib la ade apat laki bini teman kan sy kuar parking. insiden kt parking tu sy akan igt smp bila2 n reminder tuk dr sy sndr supaya more careful next time. thanks laki apat y jd runner to touch again! and…sy x nk g mines sorg2 dah!! hik3 story..

mm..dh lama encik F x contact sy..dia bz ke? aah…dia bz..dia byk keje n y penting dia ade tgjwb y lg penting dr sy. selalu dia ade call sy. ty sy ok ke?sht ke?ape2 je dh 2 mggu lebih dia x contact sy…

miss you encik F

sy dh lama x bercerita pasal dia kan? sy dgn dia skrg biasa2 je..x de y special utk dikongsi. x de mcm dulu2 dh. ego ke masing2? ntah pun confius..haha

ade sape2 y boleh bgtau sy x ape sbnrnye y berlaku??haha..

ok la…sy x de idea dh..hrp2 u all x bising2 dh suh sy update blog..padahal bukan lama pun sy x update. br seminggu…tu pun x smp..haha

ok..saya sayang semua orang yang sayang saya =)

the most important post..

i think not too late to wish Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers in this world. as we knew, Mothers Day is celebrated in several country across the globe though the month  and date on which Mother’s Day is celebrated in different countries varies. Most countries celebrate Mothers Day on second Sunday in the Month of May including Malaysia.

Why do we celebrate Mother’s Day??

Just simple answer i can give to because mother is everything. we celebrate Mother’s Day is to show this all important individual what they mean to us.

Now, enjoy to hear and watch this video. i just paste the youtube’s link..

and happy mother’s day to:

my mom: adik love you!

my sister in-law: u got great present on ur mother’s day.congratz kak piza!

my friends: be a good mother ye kawan2

:: tagging High 5

hola…just found it at someone’s blog..i just sleep reader to that blog…current mood is lazy to i post this tag here….enjoy read it.. 😛

5 things found in my bag (lima saja? alaa)

i. purse

ii. handphones (kira 1 la ek wpun ade 2..ngee)

iii. vicks

iv. lipsticks ( ade dua gak.ahaks!)

v. pen

5 things found in my wallet

(my money fly with their wing..huhuhu)

i. money la..of course

ii. ic..(i dont want peoples thought me bollywood artist…i’m not public figure ok..haha)

iii. driving license

iv. utm’s matric card ( even pak guard pernah ask me to change y baru..pak guard igt sy student lagik..haha)

v. my passport pic (different generation :P)

5 favourite things in my room (bukan bilik sy yg sebenar..huk3)

i. sal’s wedding photo ( tggu masa will change with mine..hahaha)

ii. tv (my pembobok right now)

iii. iron board+ iron (no specific space for them…every morning will change their location..ngee)

iv. hanging rack for towel and telekung

v. desk for desktop and desktop also

5 things I’ve always wanted to do

i. performing haji..umrah la at least..

ii. travelling…backpacker (sorg2 x mo la..takut…berdua kan lebih baik 🙂 )

iii. further study at oversea (as usual..i love japan)

iv. diet..(kejap on keja off…adeh…out off coverage la mcm ni)

v. of course la….


marry had a little lamb..little lamb..little lamb..haha

5 things I’m currently into not missunderstanding..i’m just showing what girl’s stuffs

i. searching new job ( because i don’t want have tittle unemployed..)

ii. my black sweetheart..i love him so much (but i am egoist because not appear my love to him..sorry syg..haha)

iii. singing as loud as i can while driving..haha

iv. watching my mom’s favorite tv series and reality tv (what can i do if i don’t have power to control the remote)

v. hangout with the slissian…(bila la nk mkn steamboat ni..aish)

5 people to tag

haha….sape2 nak tag…tag la by yourself ok…

me and shahidar arpat…..


saya sayang semuaorang yang sayang saya =)

far..far..far away…

sob..sob..sob..rasa mcm nk menangis tp xde air mata lak tuk hr ni. air mata sy dh abeh dh smlm ke smlm2 lg waktu sy sakit kaki. damn!! malu sy nangis dpn mumy. kepantangan sy adlh menangis dpn org tp camne ntah tersedu2 lak hr tu..sbb sakit overboard kot..

b4 proceed with this entry, apologize me to dn because i thought i want post what she had request but quite lazy to date with today.sorry yunk..later i’ll post for u.perhaps.ngeee

ok..right now..i’m really miss him.xtau la ke dia. rindu ke x. when ask him..rindu ke x…he ask me back..why? u miss me? hohoho…dgn jwpn ikhlas…aah..rindu…tp kta mcm dh jauh je….jauh sesangat…nape ye?

when i’m craving a cupcake…i told him…’teringin nk mkn cupcake’…very happy when he said..will order kt opismate…tp..smp skrg x dpt2 lg cupcake…ok..phm..u r busyman…no time to spend with me anymore..nk menghntr cupcake ke gua..lg la! huh!

yang….i bukan mintak cupcakes y byk ni

i mntak cuma sebijik jerk….mcm ni..

ok la…x dpt y mcm tu…y mcm ni pun jd la..

ha…senangkan…xde nk deco2 iye2..huk3

dr hr tu smp la ke hr ni….xdpt2 lg mn2 cupcake…mntk dn teman cr cupcake pun xterteman dn. dn dh byk komitmen lain. ni bukan lah nk ade la membangkit ckit…dulu ckp..dtg je cni…nnt kta cr sama2 ape y gua nk mkn..skrg?? huk2..xde maknanye…

x leh ke jd mcm kek carrot, aiskrim goreng.(ape lg ek) sama2…nape skrg super duper busy?? nape????

n..u more far..far..and far x so good…

when i ask u for lg la…dh lama x dpt…jgn hrp la nk dpt skrg! pity me…huk3

enoughla..x mo sedih2…jom2 makan ubat.

saya sayang semua orang yang sayang saya =)

nak mengadu…

huhu…sakitnye kaki…

x tau nk cite kt sape. sy dh x de org y nak manja2 kan saya dah. 😦  nasib sy ade emak y masih manjakan sy. yg treat sy mcm sy budak sekolah lg…huhu. selain emak…sy ngadu la kt cni..

sy pegi pasar wpun sy x berapa sht pg ni. tp sbb x de org nk bwk emak, sy pun bwk ikut je emak. emak jln sy jln, emak stop sy stop. emak stop dkt gerai ah so.nk beli khusyuk tgk ah so timbang2. sy y tgh mengelamun tersentak.ade bunyi kuat.rupe2nye..ade budak jatuh n terlanggar sy.ape y sy tgh penggang (ayam+ikan) terjatuh atas kaki saya.dgn budak2 tu x tau budak tu kenapa.then lepas jatuh dia terus lari.plastik ayam+ikan sy koyak.sekeliling org kt c2tgk sy.ade makcik tu tetiba mintak maaf.agaknye budak terlanggar dia ke ape.ntah la..sbb sy pun x paham nape n ape y terjadi just ckp..xpe…boleh tukar plastik lain. emak plak dh mengomel2 sbb budak tu langgar sy.aish emak ni!

dh setel emak ngn ah so folo la emak..ha..tetiba2 br sy sedar…kaki saya berdenyut2…sy selak seluar..tgk2 urat sy dah lebam n kt tepi2 dia dh bengkak. sy jalan lg..sakit..emak ty kenapa…sy ckp kaki sy sakit…emak ape lg….mengomel lg…nak jln ke kereta…sy dh terjengkot2…makin berdenyut2…nasib kereta auto…huk3…

n skrg kaki sy sakit!!! emak adalah nurse terbaik….

nak nagis…biarlah org ckp sy mentel…tp mmg kaki sy sakit…sy mmg takut kalo ade part kt badan sy lebam+ bengkak…wpun maybe budak tu x sengaja…tp dh ade org sakitkan a part of my body…sy semakin phobia..huhuhu 😦