doctor fish….

hye there….i’m just finishing my course at Forest Research Institute Malaysia…Training On Biomass And Carbon Stock Inventory Using Remote Sensing Methods. its an  interesting course and i get new knowledge here.  i’m not going to share what is course about and what experiences that i got. What i want to share here is what i do during the break time at the course =)

me and 3 new friends found the doctor fish…hehe…and ting3….serang!!! actually, if want use doctor fish…must pay RM2 for 20 minutes…so cheap..but one of my friends is FRIM’s staff so we are dating with doctor fish about 1 hour ++ and it is FREE!! haha. i know..most of u ever to do this type of spa…and it is not first time for me also, but its been to long not doing this spa….

Can u imagined, when ur foot inserted into a pond, hundreds of small fish swarming at ur legs?heee….geli….if all of u want to know details about this spa…ask ok..hehehe

tp doctor fish kt cni dh overboard kenyang….semua dh besar2..agak seram bila tgk diaorg menggigit..hahaha


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