i know it not belong to me..

i want to express what am i thinking and my feeling now. if sounds like jiwang…do not laugh me ok? dushhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…….

i want to share about my man for right now..(in future i still don’t know still or not)

he is not handsome like aaron aziz or faizal tahir (but sweet in my eyes)

do not have a lots of money..(but ok la….leh cover hidup dia hari2)

smart?? (mm….sometime i love what his thinking about..but sometime la…sbb ade gak x leh pakai ape y dia cakap)

style?? (mm…just give 6/10…but ok la..sbb sy pun bukan stylo sgt)

the basic??? (that’s why i like him….)


but…he not belong to me anymore…he came for a short while…give me strong, smile, laugh…then his gone…with his life..mm..i’m really appreciated it..and if you read this entry….i just can say…i love you ( geli lak plak sebut dalam omputeh) ok2…sayang kamu!

now i believe, Allah lend you to me and now HE take it back…what can i do now is just pray and asking  Allah to give back u to me…

saya sayang semua orang yang sayang saya =)


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