my bedtime story today…do this tagging…

Where is your cell phone?



Its complicated…

Your hair?

not too short but not long..hehe



Your sister?

salasiah; lawyer but teacher in progress..

humairah; nurse to be

shahirah; 16 years old…

Your favorite thing?

my watches; do not have any plan to replace it

Your dream last night?

nothing; but 3am…someone called me..but i did’t picked up…

Your favorite drink?

plain water n warm lime

Your dream car?

i love CRV but i’m really wish that my future husband will get bigger than that..huk3..

The room you’re in?

Not officially my room because when all the ‘nangoi’ back here…i need to move..huhu

Your shoes?

Just slipper..bought it at pasar kkb..huhu..

Your fears?

If someone hit me..huhu..

What do you want to be in 10 years?

senior scientist (hope so), wifey, mummy……

Who did you hang out with this weekend?

with him but for a short while n continue with dn n anim..

What are you not good at?



any flavor except cokolat…

One of your wish list items?

Gunung i come! (very simple kan?)hehe

Where you grew up?

‘Terbentang indah banjaran gagah, negeri makmur tanah yang subur, rakyat berpadu aman sentosa, SELANGOR negeri tercinta’

Last thing you did?

watching Spa Qistina (one of my favorite tv series)

What are you wearing?

The pyjamas

What aren’t you wearing?


Your pet?

paola but around 4 years it was gone =(

Your computer?

This laptop..always restart by itself..why ha??

Your life?

like usual…nothing change n i’m still trying to make it more enjoyable…

Your mood?

mm…no mood..hehe


him..him..him..him..ramainya =(

What are you thinking about right now?

love me or not? hahaha….sounds poyo jerk..haha

Your car?

my sweet service and near to celebrate the birthday…(ting3…thinking money with the wings)

Your kitchen?

my mom’s kitchen ha?hehe…

Your summer?

Malaysia only has two season..hujan and kemarau…so better u think about it before u ask me this question.tq

Your favorite color?

lady in reds! hahaha

Last time you laughed?

yesterday…with dn n anim

Last time you cried?

yesterday also…out from sunway..huk3


i’m nomad…from 1 school to another school..huk3



ok….lets sleep.. =)

saya sayang semua orang yang sayang saya =)


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