everybody is worth…

In our life…when we want to do something or to make a decision, we always think what peoples around us will say and agree or not with our decisions..this phenomenon made me think..is’t necessary when we want do something, think about others first? for me, depends on situation..its because, is’t worth it  when i make the decision just want to make others happy but deep inside i’m suffering? mm..but in reality life, i’m not that type are because everything that am i doing…i am struggle to make other people happy and satisfied..that’s me..i just can say with my heart..worth it for me if my sacrifice will gain the happiness for other peoples =)

The whole day at office, check the data..processed the image…really made me dizzy..when i am driving for heading home, always imagined ‘bantal tulang’…thinking what suppose to do when reach home. stop the engine, open the slinding door, switch on the fan, put the handbag, take the remote n say…bestnye dapat baring…mm…but what we plan, sometimes ( i think always la) not gonna be happen…if i’m stay lonely in my house, maybe what am i plan and decision that i’m make will be happen successfully. but..before i put the medula oblongata on the pillow…heard someone’s say to me…’x nak g kedai ke? cari ikan utk kucing? jom pegi kedai cik teh..hr ni x masak la…mmm…if the voice is from my sister or my boyfriend maybe i’ll ignore it…but as a daughter, the important things in this word is make my mom smile and happy even for the silly things…

In love…when you dare to involve in this game…a lots of thing you must be consider and always prepare yourself in everything …again, sacrifice is most important things. what decision you make automatically u’ll will think your partner right? u ask him agree or not with u. if not..u’ll change your answer / decision..all of this always happend. mm…as a woman, we always be a follower..why? the simple answer i can answer for you….because you love him. u try ur best to full ur partner’s satisfaction. u dont want to make the situation more complex..but..let me ask u again; worth it or not u do that?mmm…..

Now, i learn magic word ‘sacrifice’…everything i do now and its not in my requirements..i’m trying make it happy n like it..what am i thinking now….not a big deal for me if my sacrifice will make others happy and smile especially everybody around me..and a word i can describe it…i love them..

i love everybody thats love me =)


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