I give the answer…

Just come back from clinic and straightaway to office . umi n nenek bring bariza to check up because she got a flu plus fever. i just accompany them. i have high idleness go to work this morning. at clinic, found someone n i name her as ‘org kampung’ here. she’s work there as clinic assistant. i go to her n give my hi because i don’t want people tag me ‘adik dh sombong’..

just a simple conversationed…talking about life, work..and like usual..for becoming 26th woman..the favorite question is..when i want to married? huhuhu. ‘org kampung’ is not the first person ask me about that. and like usual..my answer still same..give one person that want to marry with me then i will…

majority in batch even not at all already married.have partner.have children. me??? i’m cheating  myself if i said i don’t want to have partner and children. i am woman n same to others woman. i don’t want to end my life lonely. i also dream to be wifey, to pregnant, to feed my baby, to cook for my husband..etc…

but i know..the time for all of this its not coming yet. i still don’t know when that time will happen. maybe tomorrow, day after tomorrow..maybe next week, next month, next year..or next two year..huhuhu..i don’t know. Honestly, i’m not prayed for this everyday. don’t ask me why because i don’t have the answer. lastly, i can conclude, Allah always know everything about me. my ability, my confidence, my sacrifice..is’t for me to take the responsibilities for this…that’s why i’m not be a mrs or mummy now. Allah know, i’m not fully ready for new life..

for all outsiders..when the time is coming…i’ll inform that. just wait and see. InsyaAllah, all the good things will continuesly

i love you if you love me =)


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One response to “I give the answer…

  • pek

    cah…kita kuat sebab diuji.dan dibantu.jika tak dengan bantuan dia kita tetap lemah.but cah memang baik n a very nice person.thanks to Allah coz bleh kenal n kawan ngan cah.

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