BeD TiMe SToRY~~

3.15 am..i think its not early bird because all the birds still sleep ( i guess la) n the owl also already feel tired and ready to end shift. i’m still can’t close my eyes. maybe i already have my naps around 1130-1am just now. is’t can we call naps at that time? woke up from naps, pray then i ready to sleep properly..


i can’t sleep?? a lots of things play in my mind…oh no! i wished i can hear the little red riding hood or snow white with seven dwarf or beauty and the beast or humpty dumpty or at least hafal sifir 12…but..its just my wish..if i’m 6 years old right now…maybe all of this will be my bed time story. but, i must face the truth that i am becoming 26th; i’m not a kids. i must think about myself, future, financial, carrier or else..else..else n else again..huk..huk..

now..i’m trying to free my mind and myself… i need to sleep  now because my body is tiring…pls ‘cik mata’…i’m bag u,.i hope i’ll fine my snow white, my little red riding hood after this.. or i’ll try to memorized ‘sifir 43’ perhapss..i  miss that moment..sleep with cinderella..

when i’ll have my ‘dwarf’ to ‘bobok’ me?

saya sayang semua orang yang sayang saya =)


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