SoRRY, No MooD

what happend to me?? so sensitive today. no mood to anybody. but i still have mood to finishing my work ( sometimes, no mood to anybody is good) ah…forget it..

actually, i’m started my day today as usual.normal. wake up, prepared for work, drive…i’m not sure when the mood change. i think when received msj from him. he asked me…where i sleep last night???  i know…his just want confirmation either i go back to kbb or stay at shah alam. don’t know why…i’m touched with his question. immediately crossed my mind…’hey man..u think i’m what type are?’  actually, its my mistake…didn’t answer when he asked last night but..logically, is’t to you need to ask ur partner that kind of question? that’s mean you not trus them? right? ahh….

nkay..pls do not complicated it…

sorry, i’m too pessimisit. but..i love his concern

then…damn to facebook! its also one caused made the mood more spoiled. ah!!! again…i’m touching. (pls la nkay..why so serious ha??) i always said…facebook is a killer then today that hell killing me..sorry..unpublished the reason..damn!

again..again..n again…the moron again (both). pls2 la..don’t disturb me. i’m not interested with your life. i think, long time i’m not involved in your life. pls la. give me chance to build my happiness. pls..pls..pls.. don’t involve me in your problem..

now, i’m trying to smile. i told him that i’m fragile now…and his respon is ‘ ok, nk period x de la mengidam dah’ said like that when woman’s mood change!

i don’t want love anybody today…x mo! x mo! x mo!


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