From this morning until now (over lunch), i still don’t know the answer for my own question. ‘why the song ‘drama king’ by meet uncle hussein feat. black humming at my ears. i also can sing that song with its real lyrics, word by word even i’m not going to memorized the lyrics before this..aish…

but now, i’m not gonna share that song here but i want to share my opinions about that song and our life..i know everyone in this world ever to ‘berdrama’ or pretended including me. to be honest…yes..i’m ever to do that..

why we must ‘berdrama’? why not  just tell the truth? i always think about this because sometime i also do that. but i have my own reason why i am ‘berdrama’. for me, i need to ‘berdrama’ if i don’t want make the situation or problem more complicated. i also ‘berdrama’ if i want to ‘menjaga hati’ others. i think sometime i need to be drama queen as long i still be myself.

but, some people ‘berdrama’ just to achieve their own demand. they happy to do that because they know..only with ‘berdrama’ they can get what they want. usually, this type of persons are know their weakness and not to accept it. sorry to say but this persons are individualistic. they enjoying ‘berdrama’, they act as perfectionist and winner. they  very2 proud to do that. but they forget something, our life is not always on the top. when the time u r at the bottom..u’ll there. that time…your drama is not functional anymore.

i’ts just only my opinion. i’m not dedicated to anybody n also not to pray the bad things for anybody.  its just reminder for myself and hope for u also. don’t try reach the happiness with someone else suffering.

i love everybody that love me =)


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One response to “DRaMa~~

  • ayschaa

    heee,,aku rse this song is directly shoot to the ex-vocalist of MUH itself; si lan tuh..dia kan ala2 propa byk alasan + disiplin mmg almost diminished..turn out ade group bru typewriter tuh pulak..aku rase la..pstu masuk paper dok sebok pointing fingers blaming on each other..tu yg dia jempot black nyanyi lgu ni sme dorng kot nk perli2 si Lan tu..
    byaknye kot aku..hahaa..

    so sesape yg slalu self-acting n hypocrite is artist as a whole!hahaa

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