mm…nothing special to share. right now…conference with two my bff…si syikin n si apat. XOXO

apat: already married… syikin: coming soon..in progress for that..me: the conference’s topics is about me…adeh..

our topics:

  1.  TM
  2. meeting at 6pm
  3. PIBG’s meeting at Sri Aman
  4. arwah
  5. why utm’s? not usm or upm or bla..bla..
  6. syikin and apat’s stock
  7. Sunway
  8. apat’s father in law (name)
  9. how many father in law u have apat?
  10. my taste
  11. LDP’s toll
  12. Apat’s house warming ( she ask me to cook…erk…spagethy can..others meal…ask orang lain la)

then…syikin leave the conference’s room…dc. btw girls…simple conversationed with u all…i love that!! miss both of u a lot….(tak taw la bila nk hangout…padahal masing2 dekat je…haha)

saya sayang semua orang yang sayang saya =)


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