WHeN THe TiMe~~~

When the time dia not in the good mood..better i am silence

When the time dia babling..better i’m hearing with full concerntration

When the time dia sharing  something..better i’m being a good listener

When the time dia say me ‘mengada-ngada’..better i’m  sitting  properly at my sit

When the time dia struggle to find my craviness..better  i’m  keeping my mouth shut

When the time dia text me about meeting..meeting..meeting…better i’m not reply it..

When the time dia say ‘x mo buat ape2’…better i’m asking ‘ade ape2 nk bgtaw ke?’

ok…no idea anymore….hahaha….back to work. still have alots of data to digitize..process…go me! go me!

saya sayang semua orang yang sayang saya =)


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