hola.gud afternoon (coz right now 30 to 1pm).assalamualaikum.

i think no too late to wish happy new year aka selamat tahun baru 2010 coz still in january rigth.hehe.2009 is already past so let bygone be bygone. so skrg…kena lalui 2010 dgn penuh bergaya..haha.

i just wanna list wat i wish in 2010

1. new ‘azam’: erk..rasa mcm x ptt annouce to public but hope it will happend.amin =)

2. new environment: dh pun coz i’m not belong johor anymore! bye2 johor.semoga success without me

3. new office: =) aab earth science now!

4. new car: belum lg kot sbb i love my all black muchy( tp x basuh2 pun dkt sebulan.nk tggu kt carwash pun mls)=P

5.new hp: x kot. i’m not interested with this technology

6. new weight: in process.go me! go me!

7. new height: i dont think so..haha

8. new laptop:really hope coz right now..i’m laptopless.

9. new partner: no comment. sometime, silent is the best

10. new moon: ?????? merepek sudah..


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